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SensorSimple Cloud is a full featured remote monitoring solution dedicated to protecting and preventing loss using SensorSimple wireless sensors. Cloud hosting gives almost flawless service availability, limitless storage expansion options and unquestioned data security and access control.

The SensorSimple Cloud service offers all the features and functions you will need for business security and regulatory compliance including:

SensorSimple cloud on mobile
  • Automated reporting to support any HACCP requirements and eliminate the need for manual temperature documentation
  • Browser-centric access from a standard phone, tablet or workstation so you can connect from anywhere in the world
  • Dashboard display highlights your most important information in one place
  • AI assisted, "True Alert" eliminates false alarms
  • Alert delivery by email, SMS, twitter or voice
  • Cloud configuration and technical support is free
  • Cost is $50 per location per year (non cellular)

SensorSimple Cloud is designed to be the “Simplest” remote monitoring solution to purchase, deploy and use.

Onboarding (cloud configuration) included X
Simple sensor configuration X
Supports multiple sensors Unlimited
Multiple locations Enterprise
Multiple Users Unlimited
Data storage Unlimited
Cloud data access from anywhere X
Measurement graphing and charting X
Data export X
Parameterized alerts X
AI elimination of false alerts X
Email alerting X
SMS alerting X
Voice alerting X
Twitter alerting X
Local wireless touch-screen option - coming soon X
Local audible/visible alert option X
Battery low status alerts X
Sensor connectivity alerts X
Sensor warranty status X