Compliance and Safety for Vaccine and Medicine Storage

LaptopGraph1 400x400Pharmacies are a vital resource in the health care system - and they have a critical and complex obligation to ensure that the safety and efficacy of vaccines and medicines is maintained through maintenance of the correct environmental conditions. Patient safety cannot be compromised by equipment or power failures - and the maintenance of the right conditions must be demonstrated by systematic reporting.

Now there's an option to eliminate costly and error-prone handwritten logs with digital checklists and automated environmental monitoring with SensorSimple.

And, even without any accidents, SensorSimple even helps to satisfy the toughest health inspector with detailed, securely stored tracking of temperature and other critical parameters that can help your peace of mind.

Ensure compliance visibility and improve staff productivity with a comprehensive wireless monitoring solution. SensorSimple enables a network of accurate sensor devices to be placed at each and every critical location. And with a simple to set up cloud monitoring system, knowledge of how equipment and staff are maintaining stable conditions puts you more in control of your operations. Conditions are logged automatically at regular intervals without requiring staff time and effort. The records you need to maintain are stored in a secure database with immediate access as required.

And in the event of any issues, you can make faster, more informed decisions about remedial actions. A proactive measurement approach and a digital checklist ensures attention to all critical parameters on a 24x7x365 basis. The results - better experiences for your customers or patients, and a more cost effective way to demonstrate regulatory compliance in your operation. SensorSimple - it's the brand that gives you peace of mind.

Sample Temperature Report

Cloud sample report

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