On a Mission to Eliminate Food Loss

MobileAlert1 230x230A food service or restaurant business is critically dependent on the reliability and management of refrigeration and freezer systems. When units stop working properly, or doors are left open- a potential loss is imminent and costly. Plus regulatory compliance is becoming more labor intensive as temperature records become required for daily/hourly intervals.

The solution to these challenges is SensorSimple. Rugged, accurate wireless temperature sensors that are simple to deploy in all your cold storage equipment. And all these sensors are linked to a 24x7x365 Cloud monitoring system that not only tells you how any system is performing, but more importantly alerts you immediately when a problem arises. And, it provides automated temperature reports that can be emailed daily and stored in the Cloud for historical access, satisfying the toughest regulations without incurring any labor costs!

Sample Temperature Report

Cloud sample report

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