Generating Confidence in Refrigeration for the Food Retailer

MobileAlert2 400x400Whether you are a major supermarket chain or a corner deli, your business relies on dependable refrigeration and freezer operation. So you don't want any surprises when you open the store in the morning - you don't want to learn too late about doors that were left open, late night power failures and definitely never about equipment breakdowns.

The solution to these challenges is SensorSimple. Rugged, accurate wireless temperature sensors that are cost effective enough for installation in all your cold storage locations. And all these sensors linked with a 24x7x365 monitoring system that not only tells you accurately how any system is performing, but will give you a dependable alert if any part of your business is affected by power, equipment malfunction or weather events. So you will never be caught unaware, and you'll have the time to effectively deal with those events that do happen before they become a crisis.

And, even without any malfunctions, SensorSimple helps to satisfy the toughest health inspector with detailed, securely stored temperature records and other critical parameters that offers you greater peace of mind.

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